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Media Audit

A media audit helps businesses unlock the potential of their media campaigns.

When Tri-AD Media conducts a media audit, we analyze how well the target audience is being reached through the current media mix and uncover new opportunities to reach them more efficiently. Oftentimes, initial strategy conversations start with client questions regarding their media campaign performance and effectiveness. Questions such as:

  • Am I spending my money in the right places?
  • Are my advertising dollars reaching my target audience?
  • Are there other media on which I should advertise?
  • Is my current media strategy maximizing my ROI?

The answer often points to a media audit. It is an essential tool for companies to gain a holistic view of their media presence, identify gaps and opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall media performance. We typically recommend an annual audit to keep up with emerging media trends.

Media Audit Deliverables

Define objectives: 

Determine the goals and target audience for the media campaign. This includes basic demographics such as age, gender, geographic area, and more detailed targeting such as household income, home value, children in the home, education, homeownership, marital status etc.

Identify media channels: 

Identify all the media channels and platforms where you have a presence. This may include traditional media like TV, radio, print, outdoor as well as digital media such as websites, social media, and other online advertising. Tri-AD Media requests media invoices for a typical months and annual budget overview to begin gathering the necessary information.

Gather media schedules: 

Collect relevant data and information from each media channel. This can include metrics such as digital and social media impressions, television & radio schedules, billboard placement, and print runs.

Assess media performance: 

Analyze the collected data to evaluate the performance of each media channel through qualitative market research and media buying tools. This will determine how efficient the media campaigns perform against the defined objectives to measure success and identify areas of improvement.

Reporting and recommendations: 

Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the findings of the media audit. This Includes the results of how the current media campaign performs against the specified objective, insights gathered through media consumption research, and opportunities for improvement.

Let’s Have A Conversation

If you want to learn more, let’s have a conversation to determine what your unique marketing needs are. 

If your audience is there, we can reach them.

Why Choose Us



It is all about our clients. Every day we demonstrate this by the tasks we focus on, the time we spend developing strategic media campaigns, collaborating with their team, proactive campaign management, and a promise to always do what’s best for our clients.
Analysis & Data Driven

Analysis & Data Driven

Our strategic planning is based on the analysis of qualitative and quantitative research. We provide the data to help clients get behind the campaign recommendations, so they know it is based on facts — not feelings or personal preference.
Cross-Platform Expertise

Cross-Platform Expertise

We are uniquely poised to offer strategic media planning and marketing services without being limited by media platform, industry, or market. Our team specializes in all things media, so if your target audience is there, we can reach them.
Customized Strategic Solutions

Customized Strategic Solutions

We provide customized solutions that achieve our clients’ sales and marketing goals. Each project is designed with a fresh approach to create the media plan or marketing solution best suited to achieve those goals. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter or one size fits all plan. Every client, industry, and market is unique and should be approached as such.


Our clients never hesitate to reach out — whether by phone, text, or email — knowing that their inquires will be met with a team ready to provide answers, strategize on business dilemmas, or simply catch up on life. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and hands-on service that is second to none.


We do what’s right even when nobody is watching.

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