Tri-AD Media Communications, LLC is a boutique media buying agency located in Charlotte, NC.  Our experience and strategic planning allow us to develop effective media campaigns with a research-centric approach.  We invest in the research tools to identify the media outlets your ideal consumer uses and media buying software to develop efficient media campaign that maximize marketing budgets.  When the plan is based on research and finessed with Tri-AD’s expertise, the result is a strategic media campaign that delivers results.

Tri-AD specializes in placing your message in front of your target audience on any insertable media outlet necessary to accomplish campaign goals. Media placement options we can assist you with include the following:



    • Connected TV
    • Geofencing
    • Paid Search
    • Programmatic Display
    • Site Retargeting
    • Streaming Audio (Pandora | Spotify)
    • Targeted Emails
    • YouTube (Bumper Ads | Non-skippable)


    • Content development & posting
    • Paid social Strategy
    • Social ad creation
    • Social retargeting
    • Video Ads


    • Billboards
    • Broadcast Television 
    • Cable
    • Direct Mail
    • Print
    • Radio
"Don't count the people that you reach, reach the people who count"
Father of Advertising

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