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Tri-AD Media Communications, LLC is an industry leader in all aspects of media buying.  Our experience and strategic planning allow us to develop effective media campaigns that has a research-centric approach.  We invest in the research tools to identify the media outlets your ideal consumer uses and media buying software to develop efficient media campaign that maximize your marketing budget.   When the plan is based on research and finessed with our expertise, the result is a smart, strategic, and sound media campaign.

Media is not consumed in solos and it should not be bought that way either. Tri-AD specializes in placing your message in front of your target audience on any insertable media outlet with the sole purpose of reaching the right people for your campaign. Media placement examples include: Broadcast Television, Cable, YouTube, Connected TV/OTT, Radio, Streaming Audio, Out-of-Home, Print, Programmatic Digital, Social Media, PPC, Targeted Emails, Mobile, Direct Mail, etc.

In 2018 Tri-AD became the new ad agency of record for Collins, Haynes & Lully clients when Nancy Haynes retired. “I am honored that Nancy trusts me with her clients. I will continue her legacy of excellence in media buying that generates successful results for them,” Heather Myers. The two media mavens share the same philosophy of reaching the people who count for your business. In other words, if you’re selling a dog bed, it would be a good idea for your target to own a dog.


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