About  Tri-AD  Media

Tri-AD Media Communications, LLC is a boutique media buying agency located in Charlotte, NC.  Our experience and strategic planning allow us to develop effective media campaigns with a research-centric approach.  We invest in the research tools to identify the media outlets your ideal consumer uses and media buying software to develop efficient media campaign that maximize marketing budgets.

Meet Heather Myers

Heather Myers has over fifteen years of media buying experience.  She is an experienced media professional with a demonstrated history of creating successful multi-media advertising campaigns for clients in various industries & markets. Heather’s expertise in digital, social, and traditional media makes her the ideal advocate for her clients in the ever-changing media landscape.  Heather earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Marketing from the University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland).  She also earned her MBA from Florida Metropolitan University (Clearwater, Florida) where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.